A warm hospitable place, traditional and pioneering flavours


Nostalgic flavours, groundbreaking flavours. Fresh ingredients and special ways of cooking that capture all the flavour and lead to satisfaction.

Every day, every season of the year, we share with you the love for well cooked food through our carefully prepared dishes. At the same moment, though, we make you feel as if you were within the warmth and comfort of your home. You are our company, you are our friends and, thus, we offer you only what is best.


For the residents of Lefkada, “Piso Molos”, the eastern port, is a place of nostalgia, meetings and goodbyes. It was the harbouring spot of ships, fishing boats and transport vessels. There the fishermen, the mariners and the travellers used to discuss and exercise the typical wry humour of Lefkada’s burghers, also known as “Buranelli”.

A little further, the gate of the saltpans, with the taste of salt covering the coast and mixing with the one of fresh fish and seafood. Nowadays, it is a modern seaside that hosts the ultramodern marina of the island. But the nostalgia of the old days still remains strong and the Lefkadians live it through the flavours and the smells of the sea, through their strolls, through the colours of the sunrise, through the friendly atmosphere.


A friendly place neatly made and carefully organised that can host your beautiful and special moments.

We organize banquets for friends and/or family (up to 50 – 60 persons) with particular love and care. We offer unforgettable moments to your family and friends, with unique flavours and homelike hospitality. We take care of everything to perfection and, thus, the only thing that you need to do is to be happy and rejoice with your beloved ones.